Travel insurance
Do I have to buy travel insurance if I am going to drive on a trip?
Does travel insurance cover damage to the screen of my mobile phone?
What should I do for overseas hospitalisation?
Having an accident while travelling outside Hong Kong can lead to a helpless feeling. Travel insurance provides monetary compensation as well as emergency assistance. Coverage includes a lump-sum payment for accidental death or injury, reimbursement of medical expenses, an allowance for trip cancellation or delay, compensation for property loss, and protection for personal liability.
Product features

Choose a product according to your itinerary
  • Despite the similarity of various travel insurance products, the details of each product may differ considerably, including the benefit limit, deductible options and exclusions (e.g. high-risk activities, war and illegal acts).
  • Consider your travel plans when choosing an insurance product. For example, is rental vehicle protection included for a self-drive trip? Does the policy cover diving, skiing and marathons, and if so, does it specify any limitations on the coverage?
Buy travel insurance as early as possible
  • Buy travel insurance as soon as your itinerary is confirmed, as the coverage commences once the policy is approved. If there are any insured events, such as the issuance of an Outbound Travel Alert for your travel destination, or an accident happens to a close family member during the policy period, you can claim a cancellation benefit even before the trip starts, depending on the relevant clauses. But you will miss out on these benefits if you buy the insurance after an incident happens.
Take copy of your policy
  • Take a copy of your policy with you on your trip, and leave a copy with someone back home so that they know who to call if you have an accident during your trip.
Keep receipts and the damaged property
  • If you have an accident, you should keep all the supporting documents, including receipts for medical expenses, and incident and medical reports from the local police and medical institutions at your travel destination, to make a claim afterwards.
  • Keep proof of any damaged property if you want to file a claim. Be aware that the compensation may not be made in cash or based on the property value. Insurers may offer a repair service or compensate according to the “new for old” principle, depending on the policy terms. The final amount of the claim payment is restricted by the benefits limit.
Pay attention to the compensation format and limit
  • Although travel insurance provides protection against property damage, there is normally a restriction on coverage for mobile phones. For example, some policies cover the repair cost for a damaged screen, but not the loss or theft of a mobile phone. Read the policy terms carefully to be sure you understand the coverage and exclusions.

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