Accident insurance
How can I compare different accident insurance products?
Does it cover consultations with Chinese medicine practitioners or Chinese bonesetters?
What should I do if I am injured in a traffic accident?
Accident insurance normally includes a lump sum benefit for accidental death and disablement to reduce financial pressure on the insured persons or their family. Some may also cover medical expenses arising from an accident. The cause of injury or death is crucial for accident insurance compensation. The insurer will cover only conditions that result from unexpected accidents.
Product features

Pay attention to the coverage and limitations
  • The coverage varies among different products. Some products include all the above covers, while others may include only some of them. Compare the coverage and maximum benefit limit of different products, and choose one that best suits your personal needs.
  • Products offering reimbursement of medical expenses, including hospitalisation and outpatient coverage, may cover expenses for consultations with Chinese bonesetters and physiotherapists. Note that there is normally a limit on the benefit amount and number of visits.
  • Any claim payable for accidental disablement will be calculated on a pro rata basis, according to the schedule of benefits table.
Be aware that natural death and illness are excluded
  • The insurance covers only conditions that result from unexpected accidents; any kind of disease, illness or death that occurs in the course of nature or from natural causes is excluded.
Notify the insurer of job changes
  • Age and occupation are underwriting factors for accident insurance. Check whether any adjustments to the policy terms, such as exclusions or the insured sum, will be made based on your changing situation. You are obliged to inform the insurer if you have changed to a more hazardous occupation.