Domestic helper insurance
Is domestic helper insurance the same as employee compensation insurance?
Does it cover a helper’s critical illness?
Does it cover a helper’s medical expenses?
According to the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, employers are obliged to secure employees’ compensation insurance for their employed domestic helpers. In the event that a foreign domestic helper (FDH) is ill or injured during the period of employment, regardless of whether the illness or injury is caused by the employment, the employer must provide free medical treatment for the FDH according to the instructions listed in the standard employment contract specified by the Immigration Department. Domestic helper insurance assumes part of the employer’s legal liability and reduces the financial strain incurred if the helper is ill or injured.
Product features
The policyholder must be the employer
  • The policyholder must be the employer listed in the employment contract. The policy will be invalid if there is a mismatch. For instance, your spouse must be named as the policyholder if he or she is the employer listed in the employment contract.
The insured foreign domestic helper can be changed during the policy term
  • If you change helpers during the policy period, you may update the information with the insurer. Insurers normally accept applications to change the insured helper from one who finished an employment contract to a newly employed one.
Understand your obligations as an employer
  • The Employees’ Compensation Ordinance applies to local helpers as well, so you must also take out insurance if you employ a local domestic helper.
  • Some policies may set a waiting period for specific coverage, such as critical illness and medical protection. You will have to pay for the medical expenses on your own if your helper is injured or ill during the waiting period.